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xine_demux_sputext.h File Reference
#include "ringbuffer.h"
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struct  subtitle_t
struct  demux_sputext_t


#define SUB_BUFSIZE   1024
#define SUB_MAX_TEXT   5
#define MAX_TIMEOUT   4


subtitle_tsub_read_file (demux_sputext_t *)

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#define SUB_BUFSIZE   1024

Definition at line 6 of file xine_demux_sputext.h.


#define SUB_MAX_TEXT   5

Definition at line 7 of file xine_demux_sputext.h.


#define MAX_TIMEOUT   4

Definition at line 8 of file xine_demux_sputext.h.



Definition at line 10 of file xine_demux_sputext.h.

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◆ sub_read_file()

subtitle_t* sub_read_file ( demux_sputext_t )

Definition at line 1098 of file xine_demux_sputext.cpp.

Referenced by TextSubtitleParser::LoadSubtitles().