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videometadatalistmanager.h File Reference
#include <list>
#include "quicksp.h"
#include "videometadata.h"
#include "mythmetaexp.h"
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class  VideoMetadataListManager
class  meta_node
class  meta_data_node
class  meta_dir_node


typedef simple_ref_ptr< meta_dir_nodesmart_dir_node
typedef simple_ref_ptr< meta_data_nodesmart_meta_node
typedef std::list< smart_dir_nodemeta_dir_list
typedef std::list< smart_meta_nodemeta_data_list

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◆ smart_dir_node

Definition at line 74 of file videometadatalistmanager.h.

◆ smart_meta_node

Definition at line 77 of file videometadatalistmanager.h.

◆ meta_dir_list

typedef std::list<smart_dir_node> meta_dir_list

Definition at line 79 of file videometadatalistmanager.h.

◆ meta_data_list

typedef std::list<smart_meta_node> meta_data_list

Definition at line 80 of file videometadatalistmanager.h.