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1 #ifndef _TV_REMOTE_UTIL_H_
2 #define _TV_REMOTE_UTIL_H_
4 #include <QStringList>
5 #include <QDateTime>
7 #include <vector>
8 using namespace std;
10 #include "mythtvexp.h"
12 class ProgramInfo;
13 class RemoteEncoder;
14 class InputInfo;
18 {
19  public:
22  QString channame;
23  QString title;
24  QString subtitle;
25  QDateTime startTime;
26  QDateTime endTime;
27 };
32  uint inputid, const ProgramInfo *pginfo, int secsleft, bool hasLater);
33 MTV_PUBLIC bool RemoteStopLiveTV(uint inputid);
34 MTV_PUBLIC bool RemoteStopRecording(uint inputid);
35 MTV_PUBLIC void RemoteStopRecording(const ProgramInfo *pginfo);
36 MTV_PUBLIC void RemoteCancelNextRecording(uint inputid, bool cancel);
37 vector<InputInfo>
38 RemoteRequestFreeInputInfo(uint excluded_input);
43 (const QStringList &qualifiedRecorders, uint excluded_input);
46 MTV_PUBLIC vector<uint>
47 RemoteRequestFreeRecorderList(uint excluded_input);
48 MTV_PUBLIC vector<uint>
49 RemoteRequestFreeInputList(uint excluded_input);
50 MTV_PUBLIC bool RemoteIsBusy(uint inputid, InputInfo &busy_input);
53  vector<TunerStatus> *tunerList = nullptr, bool list_inactive = false);
55 #endif // _TV_REMOTE_UTIL_H_
57 /* vim: set expandtab tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4: */
MTV_PUBLIC void RemoteCancelNextRecording(uint inputid, bool cancel)
QDateTime endTime
Definition: tvremoteutil.h:26
MTV_PUBLIC RemoteEncoder * RemoteRequestNextFreeRecorder(int curr)
QString title
Definition: tvremoteutil.h:23
MTV_PUBLIC RemoteEncoder * RemoteRequestRecorder(void)
MTV_PUBLIC bool RemoteIsBusy(uint inputid, InputInfo &busy_input)
unsigned int uint
Definition: compat.h:140
recording status stuff
Definition: tvremoteutil.h:17
MTV_PUBLIC RemoteEncoder * RemoteGetExistingRecorder(const ProgramInfo *pginfo)
Holds information on recordings and videos.
Definition: programinfo.h:66
MTV_PUBLIC uint RemoteGetFlags(uint inputid)
vector< InputInfo > RemoteRequestFreeInputInfo(uint excluded_input)
#define MTV_PUBLIC
Definition: mythtvexp.h:15
MTV_PUBLIC uint RemoteGetState(uint inputid)
QString channame
Definition: tvremoteutil.h:22
MTV_PUBLIC bool RemoteStopRecording(uint inputid)
MTV_PUBLIC vector< uint > RemoteRequestFreeRecorderList(uint excluded_input)
MTV_PUBLIC int RemoteGetFreeRecorderCount(void)
MTV_PUBLIC bool RemoteGetRecordingStatus(vector< TunerStatus > *tunerList=nullptr, bool list_inactive=false)
bool isRecording
Definition: tvremoteutil.h:21
MTV_PUBLIC bool RemoteStopLiveTV(uint inputid)
MTV_PUBLIC bool RemoteRecordPending(uint inputid, const ProgramInfo *pginfo, int secsleft, bool hasLater)
QString subtitle
Definition: tvremoteutil.h:24
MTV_PUBLIC vector< uint > RemoteRequestFreeInputList(uint excluded_input)
MTV_PUBLIC RemoteEncoder * RemoteRequestFreeRecorderFromList(const QStringList &qualifiedRecorders, uint excluded_input)
QDateTime startTime
Definition: tvremoteutil.h:25