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1 #ifndef TV_H
2 #define TV_H
4 #include <QString>
6 class VBIMode
7 {
8  public:
9  typedef enum
10  {
11  None = 0,
12  PAL_TT = 1,
13  NTSC_CC = 2,
14  } vbimode_t;
16  static uint Parse(QString vbiformat)
17  {
18  QString fmt = vbiformat.toLower().left(3);
19  vbimode_t mode;
20  mode = (fmt == "pal") ? PAL_TT : ((fmt == "nts") ? NTSC_CC : None);
21  return (uint) mode;
22  }
23 };
28 typedef enum
29 {
37 typedef enum BrowseDirections
38 {
50 typedef enum
51 {
90 } TVState;
91 inline TVState myth_deque_init(const TVState*) { return (TVState)(0); }
93 QString StateToString(TVState state);
97 typedef enum SleepStatus {
118 } SleepStatus;
120 typedef enum PictureAdjustType
121 {
130 typedef enum
131 {
137 } CommSkipMode;
138 QString toString(CommSkipMode type);
139 #endif
Error State, if we ever try to enter this state errored is set.
Definition: tv.h:54
Fetch information on previous channel.
Definition: tv.h:41
TVState myth_deque_init(const TVState *)
Definition: tv.h:91
Watching LiveTV is the state for when we are watching a recording and the user has control over the c...
Definition: tv.h:63
ChannelChangeDirection is an enumeration of possible channel changing directions.
Definition: tv.h:28
Fetch browse information on current channel and time.
Definition: tv.h:40
Watching Recording is the state for when we are watching an in progress recording,...
Definition: tv.h:80
unsigned int uint
Definition: compat.h:140
Used to request ProgramInfo for channel browsing.
Definition: tv.h:37
Watching Pre-recorded is a TV only state for when we are watching a pre-existing recording.
Definition: tv.h:67
Watching DVD is the state when we are watching a DVD.
Definition: tv.h:73
TVState is an enumeration of the states used by TV and TVRec.
Definition: tv.h:50
Definition: tv.h:6
Fetch information on next channel.
Definition: tv.h:42
enum BrowseDirections BrowseDirection
Used to request ProgramInfo for channel browsing.
Recording Only is a TVRec only state for when we are recording a program, but there is no one current...
Definition: tv.h:84
QString toString(CommSkipMode type)
Definition: tv.cpp:74
Watching Video is the state when we are watching a video and is not a dvd or BD.
Definition: tv.h:71
Definition: tv.h:130
QString toTypeString(PictureAdjustType type)
Definition: tv.cpp:48
Definition: tv.h:9
A slave is awake when it is connected to the master.
Definition: tv.h:100
SleepStatus is an enumeration of the awake/sleep status of a slave.
Definition: tv.h:97
Watching BD is the state when we are watching a BD.
Definition: tv.h:75
QString StateToString(TVState state)
Returns a human readable QString representing a TVState.
Definition: tv.cpp:10
A slave is considered asleep when it is not awake and not undefined.
Definition: tv.h:104
None State, this is the initial state in both TV and TVRec, it indicates that we are ready to change ...
Definition: tv.h:58
Definition: tv.h:120
Fetch information on current channel in the past.
Definition: tv.h:43
This is a placeholder state which we never actually enter, but is returned by GetState() when we are ...
Definition: tv.h:89
A slave's sleep status is undefined when it has never connected to the master backend or is not able ...
Definition: tv.h:117
Fetch information on current channel in the future.
Definition: tv.h:44
static uint Parse(QString vbiformat)
Definition: tv.h:16
A slave is marked as falling asleep when told to shutdown by the master.
Definition: tv.h:108
QString toTitleString(PictureAdjustType type)
Definition: tv.cpp:61
Fetch information on the next favorite channel.
Definition: tv.h:45
A slave is marked as waking when the master runs the slave's wakeup command.
Definition: tv.h:112