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1 #ifndef REMOTEUTIL_H_
2 #define REMOTEUTIL_H_
4 #include <ctime>
6 #include <QStringList>
7 #include <QDateTime>
9 #include <vector>
10 using std::vector;
12 #include "mythexp.h"
14 class ProgramInfo;
15 class MythEvent;
17 MPUBLIC vector<ProgramInfo *> *RemoteGetRecordedList(int sort);
18 MPUBLIC bool RemoteGetLoad(float load[3]);
19 MPUBLIC bool RemoteGetUptime(time_t &uptime);
21 bool RemoteGetMemStats(int &totalMB, int &freeMB, int &totalVM, int &freeVM);
23  const ProgramInfo *pginfo, bool checkSlaves = true);
24 MPUBLIC bool RemoteDeleteRecording( uint recordingID, bool forceMetadataDelete,
25  bool forgetHistory);
27 bool RemoteUndeleteRecording(uint recordingID);
29 void RemoteGetAllScheduledRecordings(vector<ProgramInfo *> &scheduledlist);
31 void RemoteGetAllExpiringRecordings(vector<ProgramInfo *> &expiringlist);
32 MPUBLIC uint RemoteGetRecordingList(vector<ProgramInfo *> &reclist,
33  QStringList &strList);
34 MPUBLIC vector<ProgramInfo *> *RemoteGetConflictList(const ProgramInfo *pginfo);
35 MPUBLIC QDateTime RemoteGetPreviewLastModified(const ProgramInfo *pginfo);
37  const ProgramInfo &pginfo, const QString &cachefile);
39  ProgramInfo &pginfo, const QString &playbackhostname);
40 MPUBLIC QStringList RemoteRecordings(void);
44 MPUBLIC int RemoteGetRecordingStatus(const ProgramInfo *pginfo, int overrecsecs,
45  int underrecsecs);
46 MPUBLIC vector<ProgramInfo *> *RemoteGetCurrentlyRecordingList(void);
48 MPUBLIC bool RemoteGetFileList(QString host, QString path, QStringList* list,
49  QString sgroup, bool fileNamesOnly = false);
50 MPUBLIC bool RemoteGetActiveBackends(QStringList *list);
52 #endif
54 /* vim: set expandtab tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4: */
MPUBLIC vector< ProgramInfo * > * RemoteGetConflictList(const ProgramInfo *pginfo)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:203
MPUBLIC vector< ProgramInfo * > * RemoteGetCurrentlyRecordingList(void)
return list of currently recording shows
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:535
MPUBLIC void RemoteGetAllScheduledRecordings(vector< ProgramInfo * > &scheduledlist)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:163
MPUBLIC bool RemoteCheckFile(const ProgramInfo *pginfo, bool checkSlaves=true)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:90
#define MPUBLIC
Definition: mythexp.h:10
MPUBLIC uint RemoteGetRecordingList(vector< ProgramInfo * > &reclist, QStringList &strList)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:175
MPUBLIC int RemoteGetRecordingMask(void)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:396
MPUBLIC bool RemoteGetActiveBackends(QStringList *list)
return list of backends currently connected to the master
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:579
MPUBLIC vector< ProgramInfo * > * RemoteGetRecordedList(int sort)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:16
unsigned int uint
Definition: compat.h:140
MPUBLIC bool RemoteDeleteRecording(uint recordingID, bool forceMetadataDelete, bool forgetHistory)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:110
MPUBLIC QDateTime RemoteGetPreviewIfModified(const ProgramInfo &pginfo, const QString &cachefile)
Download preview & get timestamp if newer than cachefile's last modified time, otherwise just get the...
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:239
MPUBLIC bool RemoteFillProgramInfo(ProgramInfo &pginfo, const QString &playbackhostname)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:363
MPUBLIC bool RemoteGetFileList(QString host, QString path, QStringList *list, QString sgroup, bool fileNamesOnly=false)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:433
Holds information on recordings and videos.
Definition: programinfo.h:66
This class is used as a container for messages.
Definition: mythevent.h:15
MPUBLIC QDateTime RemoteGetPreviewLastModified(const ProgramInfo *pginfo)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:215
MPUBLIC bool RemoteUndeleteRecording(uint recordingID)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:140
MPUBLIC bool RemoteGetUptime(time_t &uptime)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:54
MPUBLIC QStringList RemoteRecordings(void)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:382
MPUBLIC bool RemoteGetMemStats(int &totalMB, int &freeMB, int &totalVM, int &freeVM)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:74
MPUBLIC void RemoteGetAllExpiringRecordings(vector< ProgramInfo * > &expiringlist)
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:169
MPUBLIC int RemoteCheckForRecording(const ProgramInfo *pginfo)
Get recorder for a programme.
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:486
MPUBLIC bool RemoteGetLoad(float load[3])
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:39
MPUBLIC int RemoteGetRecordingStatus(const ProgramInfo *pginfo, int overrecsecs, int underrecsecs)
Get status of an individual programme (with pre-post roll?).
Definition: remoteutil.cpp:505