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format.h File Reference
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struct  rtfileheader
struct  rtframeheader
struct  extendeddata
struct  seektable_entry
struct  kfatable_entry
struct  vidbuffertype
struct  audbuffertype
struct  txtbuffertype
struct  teletextsubtitle
struct  ccsubtitle


#define FRAMEHEADERSIZE   sizeof(rtframeheader)
#define FILEHEADERSIZE   sizeof(rtfileheader)
#define EXTENDEDSIZE   sizeof(extendeddata)
#define CC_STYLE_POPUP   0x00
#define CC_STYLE_PAINT   0x01
#define CC_STYLE_ROLLUP   0x02
#define CC_LINE_CONT   0x02
#define CC_MODE_MASK   0xf0
#define CC_TXT_MASK   0x20
#define CC_CC1   0x00
#define CC_CC2   0x10
#define CC_TXT1   0x20
#define CC_TXT2   0x30
#define CC_CC3   0x40
#define CC_CC4   0x50
#define CC_TXT3   0x60
#define CC_TXT4   0x70


typedef struct rtfileheader rtfileheader
typedef struct rtframeheader rtframeheader
typedef struct extendeddata extendeddata
typedef struct seektable_entry seektable_entry
typedef struct kfatable_entry kfatable_entry
typedef struct vidbuffertype vidbuffertyp
typedef struct audbuffertype audbuffertyp
typedef struct txtbuffertype txtbuffertyp
typedef struct teletextsubtitle teletextsubtitle
typedef struct ccsubtitle ccsubtitle

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Definition at line 9 of file format.h.


#define FRAMEHEADERSIZE   sizeof(rtframeheader)

Definition at line 135 of file format.h.


#define FILEHEADERSIZE   sizeof(rtfileheader)

Definition at line 136 of file format.h.


#define EXTENDEDSIZE   sizeof(extendeddata)

Definition at line 137 of file format.h.


#define CC_STYLE_POPUP   0x00

Definition at line 190 of file format.h.


#define CC_STYLE_PAINT   0x01

Definition at line 191 of file format.h.


#define CC_STYLE_ROLLUP   0x02

Definition at line 192 of file format.h.


#define CC_LINE_CONT   0x02

Definition at line 195 of file format.h.


#define CC_MODE_MASK   0xf0

Definition at line 196 of file format.h.


#define CC_TXT_MASK   0x20

Definition at line 197 of file format.h.

◆ CC_CC1

#define CC_CC1   0x00

Definition at line 198 of file format.h.

◆ CC_CC2

#define CC_CC2   0x10

Definition at line 199 of file format.h.


#define CC_TXT1   0x20

Definition at line 200 of file format.h.


#define CC_TXT2   0x30

Definition at line 201 of file format.h.

◆ CC_CC3

#define CC_CC3   0x40

Definition at line 202 of file format.h.

◆ CC_CC4

#define CC_CC4   0x50

Definition at line 203 of file format.h.


#define CC_TXT3   0x60

Definition at line 204 of file format.h.


#define CC_TXT4   0x70

Definition at line 205 of file format.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ rtfileheader

typedef struct rtfileheader rtfileheader

◆ rtframeheader

typedef struct rtframeheader rtframeheader

◆ extendeddata

typedef struct extendeddata extendeddata

◆ seektable_entry

◆ kfatable_entry

◆ vidbuffertyp

typedef struct vidbuffertype vidbuffertyp

◆ audbuffertyp

typedef struct audbuffertype audbuffertyp

◆ txtbuffertyp

typedef struct txtbuffertype txtbuffertyp

◆ teletextsubtitle

◆ ccsubtitle

typedef struct ccsubtitle ccsubtitle