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1 // -*- Mode: c++ -*-
2 /*
3  * Copyright (C) Kenneth Aafloy 2003
4  *
5  * Copyright notice is in dvbchannel.cpp of the MythTV project.
6  */
8 #ifndef DVBCHANNEL_H
9 #define DVBCHANNEL_H
11 #include <QObject>
12 #include <QString>
13 #include <QMap>
15 #include "mythcontext.h"
16 #include "mythdbcon.h"
17 #include "dtvchannel.h"
18 #include "dtvconfparserhelpers.h" // for DTVTunerType
19 #include "streamlisteners.h"
20 #include "diseqc.h"
22 class TVRec;
23 class DVBCam;
24 class DVBRecorder;
25 class DVBChannel;
27 typedef QMap<const DVBChannel*,bool> IsOpenMap;
29 class DVBChannel : public DTVChannel
30 {
31  public:
32  DVBChannel(const QString &device, TVRec *parent = nullptr);
33  ~DVBChannel();
35  bool Open(void) override // ChannelBase
36  { return Open(this); }
37  void Close(void) override // ChannelBase
38  { Close(this); }
40  bool Init(QString &startchannel, bool setchan) override; // ChannelBase
42  // Sets
43  void SetPMT(const ProgramMapTable*);
44  void SetTimeOffset(double offset);
45  void SetSlowTuning(uint how_slow_in_ms)
46  { tuning_delay = how_slow_in_ms; }
48  // Gets
49  bool IsOpen(void) const override; // ChannelBase
50  int GetFd(void) const override // ChannelBase
51  { return fd_frontend; }
52  bool IsTuningParamsProbeSupported(void) const;
54  QString GetDevice(void) const override // ChannelBase
55  { return device; }
57  QString GetCardNum(void) const { return device; };
59  QString GetFrontendName(void) const { return frontend_name; }
60  bool IsMaster(void) const override; // DTVChannel
62  bool HasCRCBug(void) const { return has_crc_bug; }
63  uint GetMinSignalMonitorDelay(void) const { return sigmon_delay; }
65  const DiSEqCDevRotor *GetRotor(void) const;
68  bool HasLock(bool *ok = nullptr) const;
70  double GetSignalStrength(bool *ok = nullptr) const;
78  double GetSNR(bool *ok = nullptr) const;
80  double GetBitErrorRate(bool *ok = nullptr) const;
82  double GetUncorrectedBlockCount(bool *ok = nullptr) const;
84  // Commands
85  bool SwitchToInput(int newcapchannel, bool setstarting);
86  using DTVChannel::Tune;
87  bool Tune(const DTVMultiplex &tuning) override; // DTVChannel
88  bool Tune(const DTVMultiplex &tuning,
89  bool force_reset = false, bool same_input = false);
90  bool Retune(void) override; // ChannelBase
92  bool ProbeTuningParams(DTVMultiplex &tuning) const;
94  private:
95  bool Open(DVBChannel*);
96  void Close(DVBChannel*);
98  int GetChanID(void) const override; // ChannelBase
100  void CheckOptions(DTVMultiplex &t) const override; // DTVChannel
101  void CheckFrequency(uint64_t frequency) const;
102  bool CheckModulation(DTVModulation modulation) const;
103  bool CheckCodeRate(DTVCodeRate rate) const;
106  DVBChannel *GetMasterLock(void);
107  static void ReturnMasterLock(DVBChannelP &dvbm);
109  typedef const DVBChannel* DVBChannelCP;
110  const DVBChannel *GetMasterLock(void) const;
111  static void ReturnMasterLock(DVBChannelCP &dvbm);
117  double GetSignalStrengthDVBv5(bool *ok) const;
122  double GetSNRDVBv5(bool *ok) const;
126  double GetBitErrorRateDVBv5(bool *ok) const;
130  double GetUncorrectedBlockCountDVBv5(bool *ok) const;
132  private:
135  // Data
141  // Device info
142  QString frontend_name;
143  uint64_t capabilities;
144  uint64_t ext_modulations;
150  // Tuning State
151  mutable QMutex tune_lock;
152  mutable QMutex hw_lock;
162  bool first_tune;
164  // Other State
166  QString device;
167  bool has_crc_bug;
169  static QDateTime last_tuning;
171 };
173 #endif
double GetSignalStrength(bool *ok=nullptr) const
Returns signal strength in the range [0.0..1.0] (non-calibrated).
double GetBitErrorRate(bool *ok=nullptr) const
Returns # of corrected bits since last call. First call undefined.
bool IsMaster(void) const override
Returns true if this is the first of a number of multi-rec devs.
DVB-S device settings class.
Definition: diseqc.h:35
int GetChanID(void) const override
Returns Channel ID.
IsOpenMap is_open
Definition: dvbchannel.h:133
This is a specialization of DTVRecorder used to handle streams from DVB drivers.
Definition: dvbrecorder.h:21
void CheckFrequency(uint64_t frequency) const
Checks tuning frequency.
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:395
uint64_t capabilities
Definition: dvbchannel.h:143
double GetSignalStrengthDVBv5(bool *ok) const
Get Signal strength from the DVBv5 interface [0-1.0] It is transformed to a linear relative scale if ...
void SetPMT(const ProgramMapTable *)
Tells the Conditional Access Module which streams we wish to decode.
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:557
DiSEqCDevSettings diseqc_settings
Definition: dvbchannel.h:137
int GetFd(void) const override
Returns file descriptor, -1 if it does not exist.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:50
unsigned int uint
Definition: compat.h:140
Provides interface to the tuning hardware when using DVB drivers.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:29
const DVBChannel * DVBChannelCP
Definition: dvbchannel.h:109
double GetUncorrectedBlockCountDVBv5(bool *ok) const
Get Uncorrected Block Count from the DVBv5 interface.
DiSEqCDev diseqc_dev
Definition: dvbchannel.h:136
DiSEqCDevTree * diseqc_tree
Definition: dvbchannel.h:138
const DiSEqCDevRotor * GetRotor(void) const
Returns rotor object if it exists, nullptr otherwise.
uint tuning_delay
Extra delay to add for broken drivers.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:160
uint last_lnb_dev_id
Definition: dvbchannel.h:158
bool Retune(void) override
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:910
int fd_frontend
File descriptor for tuning hardware.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:165
QMutex tune_delay_lock
Definition: dvbchannel.h:170
void SetTimeOffset(double offset)
Tells the Conditional Access Module the offset from the computers utc time to dvb time.
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:569
Definition: dvbcam.h:23
double GetUncorrectedBlockCount(bool *ok=nullptr) const
Returns # of uncorrected blocks since last call. First call undefined.
void SetSlowTuning(uint how_slow_in_ms)
Definition: dvbchannel.h:45
bool Open(void) override
Opens the channel changing hardware for use.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:35
static void ReturnMasterLock(DVBChannelP &dvbm)
double GetSNRDVBv5(bool *ok) const
Get SNR from the DVBv5 interface [0-1.0] It is transformed to a linear relative scale if provided in ...
Class providing a generic interface to digital tuning hardware.
Definition: dtvchannel.h:34
bool HasLock(bool *ok=nullptr) const
Returns true iff we have a signal carrier lock.
uint sigmon_delay
Minimum delay between FE_LOCK checks.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:161
This is the coordinating class of the Recorder Subsystem.
Definition: tv_rec.h:150
QString GetFrontendName(void) const
Returns frontend name as reported by driver.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:59
QMutex hw_lock
Definition: dvbchannel.h:152
unsigned char t
Definition: ParseText.cpp:340
bool ProbeTuningParams(DTVMultiplex &tuning) const
Fetches DTVMultiplex params from driver.
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:964
Rotor class.
Definition: diseqc.h:292
uint symbol_rate_maximum
Definition: dvbchannel.h:148
DVBChannel * DVBChannelP
Definition: dvbchannel.h:105
uint GetMinSignalMonitorDelay(void) const
Definition: dvbchannel.h:63
bool IsOpen(void) const override
Reports whether channel is already open.
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:376
virtual bool Tune(const DTVMultiplex &tuning)=0
This performs the actual frequency tuning and in some cases input switching.
DTVMultiplex prev_tuning
Last tuning options Tune() succesfully sent to hardware.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:156
QMutex tune_lock
Definition: dvbchannel.h:151
static QDateTime last_tuning
Definition: dvbchannel.h:169
QString GetCardNum(void) const
Returns DVB device number, used to construct filenames for DVB devices.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:57
bool first_tune
Used to force hardware reset.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:162
bool Tune(const DTVMultiplex &tuning) override
This performs the actual frequency tuning and in some cases input switching.
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:576
double GetSNR(bool *ok=nullptr) const
Returns signal/noise in the range [0..1.0].
QString frontend_name
Definition: dvbchannel.h:142
bool CheckModulation(DTVModulation modulation) const
Return true iff modulation is supported modulation on the frontend.
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:532
DTVMultiplex desired_tuning
Last tuning options Tune() attempted to send to hardware.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:154
bool Init(QString &startchannel, bool setchan) override
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:384
QString GetDevice(void) const override
Returns String representing device, useful for debugging.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:54
DVBChannel * GetMasterLock(void)
bool IsTuningParamsProbeSupported(void) const
Returns true iff tuning info probing is working.
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:918
bool has_crc_bug
true iff our driver munges PMT
Definition: dvbchannel.h:167
void Close(void) override
Closes the channel changing hardware to use.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:37
DVBChannel(const QString &device, TVRec *parent=nullptr)
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:69
QString device
DVB Device.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:166
bool CheckCodeRate(DTVCodeRate rate) const
Return true iff rate is supported rate on the frontend.
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:513
double GetBitErrorRateDVBv5(bool *ok) const
Get Bit Error Rate from the DVBv5 interface.
void CheckOptions(DTVMultiplex &t) const override
Checks tuning for problems, and tries to fix them.
Definition: dvbchannel.cpp:408
uint64_t frequency_minimum
Definition: dvbchannel.h:145
uint64_t frequency_maximum
Definition: dvbchannel.h:146
QMap< const DVBChannel *, bool > IsOpenMap
Definition: dvbchannel.h:25
A PMT table maps a program described in the ProgramAssociationTable to various PID's which describe t...
Definition: mpegtables.h:656
DVBCam * dvbcam
Used to decrypt encrypted streams.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:139
DVB-S device tree class.
Definition: diseqc.h:73
bool SwitchToInput(int newcapchannel, bool setstarting)
bool HasCRCBug(void) const
Returns true iff we have a faulty DVB driver that munges PMT.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:62
uint64_t ext_modulations
Definition: dvbchannel.h:144
uint symbol_rate_minimum
Definition: dvbchannel.h:147
Main DVB-S device interface.
Definition: diseqc.h:50